51 Years Of Magic By George Sands

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51 Years Of Magic By George Sands

Price : $20

Table of Contents:
Double Cross
Super Optical Illusion
A Poker Nightmare 
This was the first trick ever published by George. A card trick that stands on its own. This one trick, if mastered, will make you an entertainer.

Prime Choice - I
Modified Prime Choice
Gambling Prime Choice
E.S.P. Prime Choice
No Code Prime Choice
Australian Shuffle
Australian Shuffle Variation
1-3-9 Improvement
Lucky Sevens
Creating a Second Act
Sandsational Telepathic Powers
Glass Switch
Box Switch
Cup Switch
Switching Tray
Double Switching Tray
Comedy Coins Across
Birds of a Feather
Phantom Cigarette
Smoking Skit
Ring On Silk Penetration
Ring Through Silk Penetration
Rope Through Person
Nivele's Color Change
Frustraiting Silk
String Handcuff Escape